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Disastrous - E.L. Montes I give it a strong 3.5 with love! There were many things that I liked and some that bothered me. First off, much respect to the author for releasing her first book! I am an aspiring author also so I know how much hard work, emotional investment and courage it takes to put yourself out there! It definitely felt like a first novel, though. I found myself wanting to edit a lot of it or tweak her writing up just a notch!

Things I loved:
- Mia's honesty and impulsiveness. She said out loud what was on my mind a lot!
- How much Marcus loved her. He makes me melt...aaahhhh...( A good song for him, "The man who can't be moved" by The Script! LOL)
- The plot, the secrets, the lies. It kept me interested.

Things that bothered me:
- There was not enough build up to them falling in love. It was all so sudden and I didn't feel that "moment". I love reaching that point in a story when I feel the characters falling in love and my heart clenches! I didn't feel that. It was like suddenly they were madly in love and you just had to believe it. Which became a little easier to do as the story went on I'll admit.
- I also didn't feel like Mia was as in to Marcus as he was into her. Maybe Mia could have offered a little more heartfelt words to him that would convince me how much she loved him.

Overall great story just needed a little more emotional connection to really put it over the top for me! I look forward to more from E.L. Montes, I like her style!