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Truth - Aleatha Romig Well, well, well! I called the outcome early on! I just didn't want to believe it but I knew. I guess what goes around comes around...The ending was a little too obscure for my liking though so I'm hoping what I think happened really did. Tony did eventually redeem himself in my eyes but he really had to work for it. Is he a controlling megalomaniac who is completely out of his mind?? HELL YEAH, but Claire knows that and loves him anyway! I really feel this whole vendetta situation is a bit extreme, I mean is there really a point anymore or is this just something to do now. It's like HELLO the targets really don't have any clue about something that happen probably before they were even born to somebody they've never heard of! Can we say "Ca-Ray-Zzy!" However these books were awesome! The only thing that would have made them perfect would be a little more steam! The writer was very descriptive in many other areas but I would have loved for her to linger a little longer on some of the love scenes. Perhaps for the 3rd book? I can't wait to see what happens next to the chess pieces!!!