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Lexi, Baby - Lynda LeeAnne As soon as I finished the prologue I couldn't put it down! Landyn and Lexi have a very intense relationship at only eighteen and they make the mistake of letting outside influences get in the way of their happiness. They are surrounded by jealousy and a few haters for sure! Their story is full of secrets, betrayal and lot of smoking hot passion. Landyn is so sexy it's unreal but I'm not going to lie, I think that he's a little too intense for my taste, very borderline scary in terms of his possessiveness. It doesn't seem healthy to me but I guess it works for the story.I also do not agree with a lot of Lexi's decisions and the secrets she choose to keep. She was totally wrong! Overall, it was very entertaining, and I really enjoyed it.

Favorite line...

"Let's do the damn thing." - Lexi

I know what she means! LOL