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Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan 10 gritty stars!! Effing brilliant! Madeline Sheehan ROCKED IT!!! Totally in love from the first sentence. I am bursting with so much excitement that I could jump put of my skin right now! Ripper, oh Ripper, I really want to be on the back of your bike and I never thought I would have said that, ever...!!

"All scars tell a story, beautiful girl,... "And mine...tell the story of how I found you."- Ripper

We start off with noticeable tension between Ripper and Danny at a club gathering, we realize they have history but are clearly not together and we don't know why. Each are there with someone else.

"No. No, he did not care. But yeah, he sort of did."-Ripper

Then Ripper throws all caution to the wind and steps forward in front of the entire MC to make a declaration to Danny that nearly stopped my heart!

F*ck the club and the code, and f*ck brotherhood. He would give it all up for her. For his woman. Because she sure as sh*t was his, and he’d go to hell and back ten times over before he lost her forever."- Ripper

We later learn Ripper and Danny have been having a secret affair which they've kept hidden from the MC and especially Deuce, Danny's father, who has forbidden brothers from dating his daughter. Ripper struggles with trying to do the right thing by Danny but also trying to keep himself away from the barrel of Deuce's gun.

“If your old man caps me, you better be front and center at my f*ckin’ funeral, cryin’ your goddamn eyes out!" Ripper

He's gotten himself into a mess but isn't sure what to do about it.

"Holy sh*t, he was an idiot. And he hadn't just f*cked her, he had been all up in that sh*t,..." - Ripper

But it's too late, Ripper has fallen for Danny fast and hard.

"I just wanna rip you the f*ck open," He said, breathing harder as his thrusts became brutal. "I want all of me inside all of you, not just my f*ckin' c*ck, baby, but all of me. All of you. "

But true to Sheehan's word there will be no fairy tale endings for these two.

"I had to live.
I had to see him.
I had to tell him I loved him.
I had to live." - Danny

We also see the aftermath of Crazy Frankie. The facial disfigurement of Ripper and the demons that has caused him . There is also the psychological damage done to Deuce and Eva's relationship that needs mending.

An AMAZING book! But be clear, it's not for everyone. It still carried the same grit and grim of the first book but I guess I was more prepared for it this time. The bikers haven't change their ways, still assholes, still disrespecting women, still violent maniacs one minute then joking and laughing the next. Having said that, I'm hooked and can't wait for book 3.