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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Crazy fun! I've never laughed so hard while reading, I mean gut laughing! Initially the title and description made me think this was some sweaty wham-bam-thank you-ma'am type book topped with a little cheese but it wasn't!! It was so clever! I loved the banter between Simon and Caroline, I loved their chemistry. Caroline has definitely made my list of "Girls who rock"! She was a welcomed change from the assortment of dormatty-so-codependent-they-need-to-be-slapped-girls I've been reading about lately. I wish I had the nerve to say and do some of the things she did, she reeled Simon in without even trying! Simon is super hot and grabbed a hold of me from the beginning giving my heart that special feeling so he's earned a spot on the "Guys I'm in love with" list too! I'm so glad I read this! Alice Clayton has a new fan for sure!