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Covet - Tracey Garvis Graves 4 stars! Couples who have faced the challenges of keeping it together through struggling economy can relate to this story.

"In all the years we'd been together, I'd never experienced anything quite as heartbreaking as watching the light of my golden boy fade."- Claire

Chris was successful, he had a high paying job that allowed him to provide a comfortable life for Claire and their two kids until the fall of 2008 when everything went south. Suddenly he found himself unemployed and struggling to find a job before his family loses everything. Claire remained the supportive wife and found ways to save money in order for them to stretch what little income they did have from her freelance graphic design work and Chris's unemployment. They did their best to appear like everything was under control.

"We were the Cantons. Sun-kissed, All-American, picture perfect. By all appearances we were the ideal suburban family. As long as you don't look to closely."- Claire

After over a year of frantic searching and a bout with depression, Chris finds a job but it's one that requires him to travel...a lot. With Chris gone all the time, Clare finds herself lonely and detached from her 10 year marriage. Sometimes it even feels as though Chris has given up on them too with his one liner text messages and impersonal emails mostly discussing the kids.

"One day you wake up and realize that the distance between you and your spouse has grown to such an enormous width that neither of you are capable of clearing the distance."

It's very tempting for her to seek comfort in a growing friendship with sexy Officer Daniel Rush, who develops an instant attraction to her. She finds herself spending a lot of time with Daniel, more time than she should. Their friendship is respectful, easy and fills a void for the both of them. She looks forward to her time with Daniel which becomes almost daily while Chris is away.

"There is a man downstairs who has every right to be in bed with me but isn't interested. And there is a man who doesn't have any right at all yet he sounds as though he would give just about anything for the opportunity. I have never felt more alone."

Should she try to save her rapidly sinking marriage or explore a future with a man she can't seem to resist?

"Why did you ask me to go on that motorcycle ride. The first time, I mean."
He shrugs lightly, looking pensive. "I thought you might say yes. You seemed lonely."
"Am I transmitting?"
"What?" He asks, clearly confused by my question.
"Nothing. Never mind"
"Why did you say yes?" He asks.
"Because I am lonely."

Daniel is so tempting, what's a girl to do?? Sounds like an easy choice right but hang on...

"I miss my kids, and my house and even though she probably wouldn't believe me if I told her so, I miss Claire. I miss a lot of things."- Chris

I really enjoyed this story, I felt it was an honest portrayal of a failing marriage, how stressful it is to survive in a crashing economy and making the right decision even if it's a difficult one. I didn't know how I wanted things to end at first but I am very happy with the outcome! Good job!