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Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) - R.K. Lilley First I have to start out by saying "Whoa!" Don't get me wrong, I'm Team Christian Grey all the way but James may be able to teach Fifty a thing or two! This book adds elements that were missing in my opinion from FSoG that would have really add more of a punch to that story! James is unapologetic about who he is. Yes, he has issues from his childhood but doesn't seem to carry the self hate that Christian did. James is super insecure about Bianca's feeling for him but I can't blame him, she isn't exactly open to him emotionally. He worries that her attraction to him is only physical, an interesting turning of the tables since he never got emotionally involved with women in the past and preferred purely physical encounters. The one woman he wants more from isn't falling over herself to be with him like the others and it's killing him! I love James's weird little quirks, his vulnerability with Bianca, as well as his dominant side. He knows how to balance it all nicely. Bianca stays distant for while, which was irritating. I wanted to scream at her "Have a heart! This man is throwing himself at you!!" I guess falling for someone like James, being secure enough to handle his past and hoping his intentions are sincere requires a big leap of faith. Given her own past, trusting people is huge deal for her so I get it. I do think he's wearing her down though. Go James! I can't wait to see what's next for these two!