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Cloud Walking (Find You in the Dark, #1.5) - A. Meredith Walters I ate this book up! Just try not to make it about Maggie and Clay (they'll have their time again). Let all your focus be on Rachel and Danny! What we learn is that feelings were mutual between them and it just took them a while to figure it out. This was just what I needed after reading a downer book. I loved that it was short and full of emotions just waiting to burst and when they finally did it was awesome!

Favorite quotes:

"I want to feel like we're walking on clouds when we are together. Like I'm the girl he wants."

"Baby girl, you deserve some cloud walkin'."


"If I have ever made you feel less crucial in my life, I apologize. Because you are important to me. Actually important doesn't even cover it. You are fundamental to who I am. There is no Daniel Lowe without Rachel Bradfield." gaaah!!

Can't wait for Light in the Shadows! March can't get here fast enough!!