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Accidentally on Purpose (Accidentally on Purpose, #1) - L.D. Davis 4 shaky stars. This book had me shocked but not in a good way. Things were going so well then *BAM* I was given a smack in the face that left me I feeling so angry in the end that my whole review has to be a spoiler alert!

The ending was a giant cop out!!! I didn't buy it! Kyle being on meth as an explanation was shoved down our throats. There was never any indication but it seemed as though Emmy knew this all along!!?? I'll admit Kyle was a moody jerk at work but that's not unusual. Yes, he did have a bit of an anger issue. Yes, he was too weak to stand up to his girlfriend and family but did he have to be a druggie?? It doesn't make sense! Emmy was weak especially the way she handled Kyle in the end! Luke would have been better off without her IMO. She doesn't really love Luke in the forever kind of way and I think she would have still chosen Kyle eventually if she hadn't gotten knocked up twice by Luke!

I would have respected the story more if Emmy's choice was a little harder to make but of course who would pick a violent drug addict over a nice guy who is the father of your children... I probably would have still picked Kyle at the end...oh well