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Real - Katy Evans 4.5 stars. Remy joins the emotionally damaged bad boy category that includes Travis Maddox, Jake Wethers, and Clayton Reed. Remy is trouble for a million different reasons. Any girl in her right mind should avoid him but Brooke can't seem to help herself. Their first meeting was very intense and their attraction grew instantly. The sexual tension between them was a slow torturous build that resulted in fireworks. Worth the wait! Although Remy is physically strong but he needs Brooke to help him cope mentally to his life. Loving Remy can be a challenge and Brooke struggles to be strong enough to handle it all along with her own personal battles. I loved Remy and his way of expressing himself to Brooke through his iPod playlist. He was sweet, sexy, and exhausting! Brooke was a little annoying at times but overall it was a good story! No cliff but I can't wait for the sequel. Need more Remy!