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The Education of Sebastian (The Education of..., #1) - Jane Harvey-Berrick Hmmm, where to start? Is it wrong that I was not bothered too much by the age difference? I felt that although Caroline was physically older than Sebastian, her mental state was equal to his. She lead a very sheltered life where she always did what she was told. It wasn't until things began with Sebastian did she attempt to grow up and stick up for herself. I loved how Sebastian wore his heart on his sleeve for her, a quality I hope he doesn't lose in Book 2. Caro still has some more work to do in order to win me over. She never manipulated him or took advantage of his trust, he was a very willing participant in their relationship and even the aggressor at times. However, they were both very naive to a disastrous fault and I wonder what they have learned so far and if their luck will change.