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Avoiding Responsibility - K.A. Linde I'm giving this one 4.5 stars. The emotional roller coaster definitely continues but I don't think that Lexi was as "kick ass" this time around. I felt she allowed herself to be dragged into ridiculous situations that could have totally been avoided if she had the "balls" to say no and stick to it. I just wanted to smack her throughout about 80 percent of the book! There was an upside to her silly behavior, it got her to her much needed "Aha" moment and it was awesome. What I enjoyed the most from these books were the snippets of raw truth in Lexi's thought process. She knew deep down who Jack really was, who Ramsey really was and how to do right thing it just took her awhile to take action. At first I didn't think I wanted her to end up with who she did but given the way everything unfolded, it felt right! Loved these books!