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This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover Beautiful? Extraordinary? Incredible? Butterflying Amazing? Those word are not even strong enough to describe my thoughts!

"I love you Will Cooper."
"I love you Layken Cooper."

This story is told from Will's perspective while on their honeymoon and after they have passed the infamous Point of Retreat. Lake and Will are laying in bed discussing his take on past events that have made lasting impacts on their relationship. The story switches from past to present, which works out great. We were given just enough of the past without it being a complete repeat of the first two books. We also get to learn things about Will we didn't know before. There were more heartwarming surprises from Julia and a couple of new slam poems from Will that had me crying my eyes out by last page. I love Will. I love how much he loves Lake. I love their story! Perfection.