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Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley 5 stars! I loved it way more than The Gamble (which I thought was good too). There was so much story going on that it felt like I was reading a multiple book series about Tate and Lauren. The secondary characters were really well developed, I felt like I knew them and loved them (well most of the them), they weren't crazy like the ones in Gnaw Bone. Really good story in general, it was journey, not the straight forward girl meets guy, fall in love and lives HEA. You see the work it takes to get there.

Once I got used to Tate and his ways, I loved him. He is a no B.S. bad ass biker, bounty hunter, alpha male, plain and simple.

Only Tate can be totally mushy one minute and over it the next yet still sound OK doing it.

"All right, Ace, this is done,” he announced quietly.
“These heart to hearts.”
“Oh,” I whispered, disappointed because I kind of liked them. “Okay.”
“We get it now,” he explained. “We don’t need ‘em.”

Kind of a jerk thing to say, yes, but totally Tate.

There were so many things about Tate to love besides being hot, he's a good person who proves that he would do anything for those that he loves (and does). Lauren comes into her own as well. Both are list makers, I love Tate and Lauren rocks!

Another favorite quote...

...I whispered “You okay?”
"Fuck no,” he replied, not whispering at all.
“Is there something I can do?” I asked.
“You’re doin’ it,” he stated.
“I am?” I asked.
“You love me?” he asked.
“Yes,” I answered instantly.
“That’s it, you’re doin’ it,” he finished.

A must read!