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Never Have I Ever - August Clearwing 4.5 stars. This was a unique story. Not at all what I thought it would be going into it. A good basic intro "the lifestyle" without it getting too over the top showy and there were some "new" things that I had never read before! It really was it's own story but along the same lines as FSoG, Up in the Air, etc...but these characters & their story were unique enough to stand apart. Noah was a strong Alpha without being possessive and crazy, he didn't have to be because Piper would have done anything he asked. To her credit, Piper wasn't a dense girl who played games. She knew what she wanted and was a very good student ;)

My only complaint was that some of the details got lost at the end, their was a build up of events that finally caused an explosion but some of the pieces never fell back down. I felt like I was missing something, it sort of fizzed. Overall I still enjoyed it!