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Unteachable - Leah Raeder 5 stars! I loved it and was totally hooked after the first chapter! I kept thinking of Evan and Maise as a whacked out version of Will and Lake from Slammed if Will had not stuck tight to his morals and just let Lake have her way! But for the record, Evan is no Will Cooper by any stretch of the imagination!! I thought the writing was amazing. My heart ached for them because I felt their relationship was doomed from the start yet I remained hopeful. I couldn't tell which way was up sometimes or decide what I wanted to happen. There was a constant struggle to do the right thing but the problem was trying to define "right". It meant different things to different people. Maise was young but because of what she's endured so far in her short life I felt she was too wise for her age in some ways and that made me a little sad for her. I don't really think their story was so much forbidden as it was against the rules, if that makes sense. Maise was 18 and yes Evan was significantly older than her but if he wasn't her teacher their relationship still might have raised eyebrows but it would have been fine technically. Deep down I think Evan has some issues that need to be addressed but overall I liked him and I liked them together. I actually wouldn't mind a follow up to this book, sometimes sequels can be overkill but I would welcome one for this!