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Seize Me (Breakneck, #1) - Crystal Spears 3 WTF did I just read stars! I just didn't like Braxxon. I'm sure he was a very realistic representation of a biker but still.

Me + Bikers= love/hate.
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He was not for me. Any time you can start off an announcement with "Brothers, friends and whores..." For real??!!

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The nicknames were just awful and some of them were pretty nasty! On a positive note, Winter has more balls then the whole club combined. They should make her MC Prez...seriously! Braxxon just wasn't very sharp when it came to what was going on around him to be an effective Prez! He made a lot of rookie mistakes! Breakneck wouldn't even stand a chance against Hell's Horseman (Deuces MC) or even Chaos (Tack's MC)! In the end, Winter was just as messed up as Brax so they belonged together. I'll still follow the series because I've learned that there can be improvement. For example I hated Deuce and I'm in totally in love with Ripper... we'll see...