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The Taking (The Marriage Diaries #3) - Erika Wilde Ok so book 3 started off with this text message from Dean...

"I'm on my way home. I want the house dark. Hide from me but when I find you, no matter what fight me, resist me. I'm going to f*ck you. Hard. Safe word: Mercy."

LOL! Holy crap did he just say that? Yes he did!

My first thought was: MERCY!!! My second thought was: Heeeeey!! Go hide, girl! LOL!

excitement photo: excitement excitement_zps59ddcfa7.gif

and she did...

"Knowing she only had a matter of minutes to turn off the lights and make herself scarce before she arrived, she hurried through the house and plunged it to complete darkness."

At this point my heart is pounding! She asked him to do this by the way as one of her fantasies.

"Just as she switched off the final lamp in her small reading nook she heard the garage door leading into the house open then close with a soft click. Her heart leapt into her throat and she froze waiting for her pupils to adjust to the sudden darkeness...

'Honey, I'm home.' He murmured in a low taunting tone of voice that made her shiver."

Yikes! I'll let you find out how that scenario ends...

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Later Jillian does turn the tables on him...

"If things get too intense, you can always use the safe word we've established." Her too sweet voice held a trace of provocation. He smirked knowing there wasn't anything she could do to make him cry uncle."

Umhmm, ok...

photo download4_zps673963fd.jpg

Guess who ended up crying uncle? Hahaha! I absolutely love these two but my favorite quote from Dean so far has to be...

"Who was this bewitching woman? She was his wife, he thought with awe!"

A very good lesson to husbands everywhere, never underestimate your wife. With a little nudge, we can still be that girl you first met except even better! This series could rekindle the sex life of any marriage, I swear!

I am impatiently waiting the release of book 4...grrr...hurry!!