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The Seduction (The Marriage Diaries, #2) - Janelle Denison,  Erika Wilde It gets even better! Our newly awakened couple have now decided to turn their unused basement into a "classy, decadent den of iniquity"...umm that's a playroom to the rest of us!

"Ever since their agreement to spice things up, Dean has been full of surprises when it came to what he wanted and desired. Then again, predictable was boring and she was coming to thoroughly enjoy the unexpected where he was concerned."

photo babadec5-d909-44a0-af59-b441428bad1a_zpsadc93bf1.jpg

It was like with each step into the unknown they were able to shed their inhibitions and discover this new erotic power they had over each other!

"The man was so full of surprises and more innovative than McGyver and she was impressed with his clever use of pearls." So was I!! *fanning self* Apparently diamonds are no longer a girls best friend!

pearls photo: pearls pearls.jpg

"He was beginning to appreciate that there was probably very little his new, adventurous wife wouldn't try and that was a very heady, powerful realization." For example, Skype sex! Oh and there is a hot little restaurant scene!

I love the dual POV! You get to see inside both of their heads. I think Dean and Jillian already had an amazing sex life prior to their "awakening" but their experiment just magnified their connection.

"Their sex life had always been pleasurable but now it was intense and incendiary and addicting- and his wife was his drug of choice." Are you kidding me?? Where can I find a Dean of my very own??!!

On to book 3!!