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Baby Girl (Erik Ead, #1) - Scott Hildreth OK, so initially I DNF'd this yesterday but then decided to go back and finish it. I felt it was only fair to dislike it based on all of the content not just some of it. Mission Accomplished!  

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There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. To me Christian, Gideon, James, and Jesse are all sexy and alluring men who oozed confidence and power. I think that was the target audience this author was trying for and missed it by a mile! Erik Ead is an arrogant a-hole who is painfully insecure and I could not find a single thing to like about him. The author has also mentioned several times in other forums that 'Baby Girl' is based on his life and that he is Erik Ead essentially. Hmmm...well if I believe that then I can't knock him for sharing his story and putting it down on paper. For that he received one star. The second star was because he actually took the scary step of publishing it for the public to read. See, two stars for Baby Girl right out of the gate but that's where the stars stopped.

Positive stuff (and yes there were some positives!)
-I loved the story Teddy told about A-Train and his cheating wife! Hilarious!! (I wonder if that's true?)
-I loved the little bit about Kelli and her dad and then reading Gene's POV. 
-I also loved how the index finger thing came together.
-Erik and Kelli both "hate kids" so hopefully they will not be procreating! *fingers crossed* 

Now for the negatives (And there's a lot...)
Both characters were extremely cocky and completely oblivious to the rules of decency. Their level of arrogance was unbelievable and beyond annoying!  

Kelli...Ugh, I'll let her speak for herself...

"I was almost always the smartest person in the room and always the smartest girl."

Hmm...wow. Only if she was in a room by herself and in a room full of guys making her the only girl. There wasn't a single thing she said or did that made her seem brilliant to me. She was a very insecure twat with whore tendencies...Yes I said it, let me explain...

"Love isn't real. Love is what people say to you so they can keep fucking you. So they keep your interest. I don't want lies; I want my ass slapped, my hair pulled and [to be] treated like a whore."
See, her words, not mine ...

..."I love my eyes watering and acting like I'm gagging even if I'm not gagging naturally."

Stop? I can't there's more...Once she realized she had no gag reflex, oh it was on like Donkey Kong after that...

"Starting that summer, I sucked off every guy I could."

See! A genius!Alright one last one...and I think this is my favorite...

"Pleasing a man made me happy, especially if he was married and disappointed his wife. When he came in my mouth, I felt like I had truly accomplished something."

To all of us dumb people: See what happens when you use your head! 

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OK. Yes, I realize that she has some very deep issues but I just can't bring myself to care. So moving on... 

Mr. Erik "Nobody's On My Level" Ead...

"I've found that since the completion of college...", (12 years worth, which was mentioned over and over)"...that I alter my speech patterns and my demeanor based on who I'm with." Hang on, it gets better... "There was nothing worse than being around someone that made you feel uneasy or tried to talk above your ability to comprehend."

Well gosh, thanks Erik, us regular folks sure do appreciate you dumbing yourself down for us.

He also mentioned several times that women found him "Kind, considerate, articulate, caring and even romantic." What a prince!

At one point Kelli asked him the very cliche question of "Do you believe in love?" He proceeds to verbally vomit a bunch of blah blah Freudian crap for three pages before he finally gets around to answering her question, which wasn't really an answer by the way! Most of his POV felt like I was reading one of my old psychology text books!

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Other annoying things I just gotta mention...
-At least 8 shameless plugs of his other book. (I will not mention the name.)
-The repeated use of the same words in a paragraph. 
"His kisses drove me crazy. I wanted his kisses to last forever. Kissing Erik made all other things small."

"As we kissed, his finger traced the outline of my upper lip. Our lips parted and he touched my lips with his index finger, circling around my upper and lower lips entirely."

-The most overly dramatic sex scenes ever and what's worse is that I read that he had to cut them back at least three times before he got the approval to keep them in the book. Wow...He must be a beast in real life then! *purses lips and shakes head*
-The jeans scene at The Buckle was trifling! Kelli should be ashamed of herself. It was a dirty, nasty and skanky thing to do! You would think someone as "smart" her would know better, right?
-How many times can Kelli say how much she loves it when Erik calls her baby girl? A lot as it turns out! I think we got it after the first few times, precious. 
-The fact the Channing Tatum was used repeatedly to describe Erik. I'm offended for Channing and I want to apologize to him! *kisses to CT* 
-Deep, smart, intelligent and muscular; deep, smart, intelligent, muscular... were used constantly in random combinations to describe Erik.

OK that's enough, you get the idea. Q:Will I continue reading the series? A:Hell yes!! It was way too fun to miss out on! I can't wait to hear what new egotistical bullshit Erik the Almighty will bless us with and the continued gems of wisdom we'll get from Kelli with an i. Ah, I must be losing my mind...*rant over*