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The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) - Kristen Ashley 5++++++ stars!!!

Lahn makes my heart happy!!
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He is so dreamy...in a rough Alpha warrior who takes no shit kind of way...
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Even though I didn't understand a single word he was saying for about half of the book, his actions spoke volumes! He absolutely loved Circe from the very beginning, I loved how on one hand he was this fierce warrior king, who demanded and got nothing but respect from his followers yet he opened himself up to Circe completely. Exposing a vulnerability to her that took more bravery than being even the mightiest of all warriors. The lengths he went to in order to earn her love, protect her from harm and (after he messed up) to bring her back to him were...I just...I can't even... I love him! I also loved how Circe found her way with him and his people. She did way better than I could have, given the situation. Even still she was your typical silly KA female but Lahn goes straight to the #2 spot of my all time favorite KA men (nobody can beat Tate for me, but if it were possible Lahn would do it!) Hot does not even describe him, more like SCALDING!

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Seriously...I do...I would have his warrior babies and being pregnant was not so fun to me...so that's saying a lot!! LOL *sigh*