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Avoiding Commitment: Jack's POV (Avoiding, #1.5) - K.A. Linde JACK! I HATE YOU SO MUCH and I LOVE YOU SO HARD!
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Gah!! Why? Why did I read this!!! I thought I had gotten over him and accepted that there was no hope for him! What did I call him... "a weaselly little douche" but NOOOO, I had to go and open up a healing wound! We were reminded of Coffee Shop Jack...I mean COFFEE SHOP JACK for crying out loud!! Ugh, I hate him for what he's done but I am always hoping for his redemption. I am not Team Ramsey but I understand why he's a better choice but still, it's Jack! I can't wait for Avoiding Temptation, although these titles have been very telling in the outcome of these books so I don't know...

Psst, Jack...

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