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Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle

Almost 4.5 stars...

So many emotions. So. Many. Emotions! I don't know where to start, there might be tiny spoilers. Sorry.

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From the beginning I have been a huge fan of this series and the possibilities. It was different, it was cool, twisted and fun.

I've also made no secret that I am Javier's ride or die chick!

Hi Javier...xo
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After reading On Every Street I completely fell in love with him. Yes, he is twisted and maniacal but I loved him anyway.

In Bold Tricks, I think we all knew pretty earlier on how things would go down. A fact I appreciated, so I had time to prepare. I didn't like how Ellie went from not being able to get over the love she felt for Javier to suddenly treating him like a disease. That hurt a lot. I also hated how Camden and Ellie kept not trusting Javier and always expected the worst from him with little reason (mostly after jumping to conclusions) but failed to give him credit for saving their lives at least 3 times. I was never convinced that Javier was the bad guy Ellie kept trying to get us to believe, he had a different agenda but he still loved Ellie.

I will give credit where it is due, I liked Bold Trick even more than Sins and Needles and Shooting Scars. There was a lot of action and secrets revealed. I was entertained. I also loved hating Ellie.

Hi Ellie...

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Bye Ellie...

I've never disliked Camden really and I couldn't even in this book, I just liked Javier more. Camden is still OK with me and has a good heart. Oh yes, the really hot sex scenes helped too.

Still Team Javier but nicely done, Karina.