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Back to Life - Danielle Allen 5 "OMG, am I crying?" stars!

"Before you, I just existed. I didn't really live. I didn't really feel. I was going through the motions. And then I met you..." I stroked his face and gazed up at him. "And you brought me back to life."

This was me at 12:30am reading the end of this story...

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Danielle Allen kindly provided me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I have to be completely honest and say that I freaking loved it!!

This is the story of young professional, Sahara, who has spent the last 10 years hating herself over a terrible tragedy she feels responsible for. In walks Ty "The Game Changer" Barker and emotionally damaged Sahara tries her best to avoid him...at first...

"I have to fight the desire to be around him, near him, on him. It would never work. Not after what I've done."

...but Ty is a super sexy business owner and entrepreneur who treats Sahara with patience and understanding. In no time, he is able to effortlessly steals Sahara's heart. (and mine, too!)

"His presence forced my head upward and once our eyes locked, everything I felt earlier- all the resistance and reasons why I should not pursue this, whatever it was- evaporated immediately."

Oh and things really do heat up after that!

"This is how a man is supposed to make you feel..."

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But there are unfinished issues from Sahara's past that still need to be dealt with. For example, her feelings for her first love, Emanuel. Their "almost" relationship was cut short in the aftermath of the accident so many years ago. Their sudden reunion at a parole hearing for the drunk driver that destroyed their lives is unexpectedly intense. After 10 years of being apart, Emanuel doesn't want to stay away from her any longer.

"If I can't get over her. I have to try to have her."- Emanuel

If a girl is lucky she'll find one amazing guy who loves her, Sahara found two...

"Tyree Barker was my present, And Emanuel Mills is my unresolved past."

Decisions, Decisions...

I really loved this story, it took me by surprise. It was very well written, sexy, funny and heartbreaking. Danielle Allen is a new favorite of mine and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her! I can't wait to read more of her work!